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Zlatan will not marry Manchester United in this summer – Antonio Cassano

The summer transfer window is over, and the main transfer news of the season is the arrival of Zlatan Ibrahimovic from Manchester United. The Swede will join the Red Devils, and will become the main striker of the team.

The transfer of the Swede was a real surprise, as he was considered one of the main players of Manchester United for many years. He is a player who can score goals, and his arrival will be a real boost to the team, as well as to the club’s transfer policy.
The club has already signed a number of players, who are ready to take their places in the starting lineup, and Zlatans arrival will help to solve the problem of the lack of a number 10.
Zlatans transfer will be remembered by the fans of Manchester City, as the team has already started to use him. The team has been using the player for a few years, and he has already scored a number goals, which is a real proof of his skills.
However, the team needs to improve its performance, as it has not yet managed to win a trophy. The main goal of the club for the next season will be to win the Premier League, as this will allow them to qualify for the Champions League.
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Live Results of the Premier league games
The English Premier league is one of Europe’s most popular championships, and it is interesting to follow its live results. The live football scores are available to all users, and you can always find the latest results on the sports statistics website.
In the current season, the main goal for the leaders of the league is to finish in the top-4, as they are already the second best team in the standings. This is possible thanks to the following factors:
1. Good teamwork. The players of the leaders are able to work well together, which allows them to achieve the desired result.
2. Good players. The Premier league has a large number of stars, which can help the team to achieve its goals.
3. Good management. The club has a good head coach, who is able to use all the available resources to achieve a successful result.
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Manchester United in the transfer market
The previous season, Manchester United had a rather unsuccessful campaign. The Red Devils were in the middle of the standings, but they could not finish in top-3. The previous season was not successful for the team either, as Jose Mourinho’s team was not able to win any trophy.
This time, the club has signed a new striker, who will help the club to achieve new results. Zlatane Zidane, who was a part of the previous season of the Manchester United, is now joining the team for a relatively low fee.
It is worth noting that the club is also in the process of signing a number 11, who can become a real replacement for the injured Wayne Rooney.
Will Zidanes arrival help the Red devils to win trophies?
The arrival of the striker will be an excellent addition to the squad of the Red Devil, as Zlatanes arrival will allow the team not to miss a single match, and to achieve good results.
Now, the striker is able not only to score goals for the club, but also to distribute the ball around the field, which will allow him to achieve his goals. The new striker will also help the Manchester club to become stronger, as his arrival can help to improve the results of the entire team.

The new striker is a young player, who has already shown himself in the Premier leagues. He has already managed to score a number in the English Premier leagues, which proves his skills, and also that the team is ready to use the new player.
As a result, the new striker has already become a great addition to Jose Mourinho’s squad, and this will help him to win more trophies in the future.
Who will replace Rooney in the team?
Now the Red team has a number one striker, but this is not enough for the entire squad. The problem is that the Red players are not able yet to play with the number 10, as Rooney is still recovering from injury.
If the club wants to win all trophies in a row, then it will need to find a solution to this problem. One of the possible solutions is to find an effective replacement for Rooney. The striker is one player who the team can always count on, as there is no one better than him in the field.
At the moment, the Red can only count on the young player who is already able to distribute his passes around the pitch. The young player will be able to help the players to achieve their goals, as long as the club continues to sign new players.
New season in the Champions league
The current season of Champions league is very interesting for fans of the game. The tournament has already seen a lot of changes, as many teams have been transformed into the main favorites.
One of the most interesting transfers of the current tournament is the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo.


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