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Ozil was the best in Madrid’s attack against Juventus?

The start of the season in the Champions League has been quite successful for Juventus. The Bianco Neri has already won the first two rounds and is now in the middle of the standings. However, the club still needs to do a lot of work. The first matches of the new season have shown that the team still has a long way to go and that it still needs time to adapt to the new level.

The first matches were very successful for the Juventus team. The team started the season very confidently and was able to take the first place in the standings, although it is not yet clear if the team will be able to keep this position.
The main problem for the team is the fact that it has not been able to find a suitable striker. The main candidate for the position of the main striker is the young player of the club, Lorenzo Insigne. However the team does not have a great number of strikers and it is difficult to find the right partner for each of them.
In the second half of the championship, Juventus will have to find its new striker. However it is important to note that the club has a number of options for the new striker, including:
* Juventus’ own player;
* Another player of Juventus;
* Another player from the team of the Italian Serie A.
It is also important to mention that the new player of a club is not always the best option. For example, the player of Real Madrid, Marcelo, is a good option for the club. However he is not the best choice for the player who wants to play in the position that he has been playing for a long time.
However, the team has a good number of good options, which allows it to find new partners for each position. The most important thing is to have a good start in the new championship and to try to win the championship title.
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Latest news on the ChampionsLeague
The beginning of the Champions league is always a bit confusing for fans. It is not easy to follow the results of the matches of a certain team. However this season, the situation has become even more complicated.
This season, several teams have already won their first matches in the tournament. This is the case of:
• “Barcelona”;
• “PSG”.
Now, the Parisians have already managed to take a place in this season’s Champions league. However they have not managed to win it yet. The Parisians will have a difficult time in the next season.
“Barça” is another team that is trying to win a place at the first round of the tournament, although this time the team’sto do not have the best results.
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Main Champions League results
The Champions league has become a real competition for the teams. It has already become quite difficult for “Juventus” to get into the first position, although the team managed to do it. The problem for Juventus is that the position in the championship is not very important. However in the future, the position will be very important for the coach.
Of course, the main goal of the team for the season is to get to the semifinals. However there is still a long road ahead for the “Bianconeri” and it will be quite difficult.
Another problem for ‘Juventus’ is the lack of a suitable player for the striker position. However Juventus has a lot to choose from.
For example, “Real” has a player who can become the new main striker of the ‘Real’. This player is Marcelo. However Marcelo is not a good choice for a new striker because he is a young player who needs time and experience to find his game.
There are also a number other options for Juventus, such as:
1. Another player.
2. Another young player. However these players have not yet played in the team.
3. A player of another team. This option is not so attractive.
4. ‘Barcelona’ has a young striker, Lionel Messi, who can be the new leader of the Catalan club.
5. The player of “Liverpool”, Firmino, who is a very good player. But he is still young and needs time. He needs to find out his game and improve his game in order to become a good striker.
6. One of the young players of ‘Manchester United’, Anthony Martial. This young player is a promising player, who needs to improve his technique.
7. Other players. However none of them has yet played for the main team of ’Manchester United’.
However the main thing is that ‘United’ has a very rich and talented lineup. The club has already managed not to lose points in the first rounds, although they have a long distance to go to the finish line.


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