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Arsenal have to buy two top players to be a real contender for the EPL trophy …

Arsenal have to buy two top players to be a real contender for the EPL trophy… and they are not very far from it.
The team has a long list of potential candidates, and it is very important for the club to find the right balance between the two.
In the summer, Arsenal has strengthened the team significantly, but the club still lacks a reliable goalkeeper.
However, the new goalkeeper will not be a problem for the Gunners, as they will make sure that he will be able to do his job in the most difficult conditions.

The club has already managed to make a good selection of players, and this will allow the team to achieve the desired result.
Main Goals of the New Arsenal Team
The new Arsenal team has long been considered as one of the main contenders for the title.
This is because the team has already shown a great level of performance in the current season.
It is also worth noting that the team is not very young, and the players have already played together for several seasons.
Therefore, the team will be ready to fight for the coveted trophy, which is very difficult to achieve in the long run.
Of course, the main goal of the new Arsenal is to win the EFL Cup, but it is also possible to consider the following other trophies:
* League 1;
* FA Cup;
* UEFA Champions League.
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Team’s Prospects in the Future Season
The current season of the Premier League showed that the Gunner’ team has the potential to win a lot of trophies.
Despite the fact that the current champion of England is not the main favorite of the season, the Gunns can still count on a place in the top 4.
If the team manages to achieve this, then it will be the first time that the club has won the coveted title for the last 13 years.
Moreover, the club will be considered as a real candidate for the European Cup.
One of the most important tasks of the team in the future season will be to get a good result in the Champions League, where the Gunn team has an excellent chance of winning the coveted cup.
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How the Gunnl Team’ Current Season Developed
The Gunns have long been a favorite of English football, and they have won the title for 13 years in a row.
During the current campaign, the squad of Arsene Wenger managed to win more than 30 matches in a season. This is a good sign for the future, as the team needs to improve its results in order to be able not to miss the Champions league.
As for the Premier league, the current champions have a good chance of getting into the top-4. However, the competition for places is very high, so the Gunl team needs not to relax.
Another important goal of Arsenal is the victory in the Europa League, which will allow them to get into the Champions Cup zone.
At the moment, the Europa league is not as strong as the Champions one, but this will change in the near future.
Arsenal’ Prospects for the Future
The main goal for the team this season was to win at least one trophy of the Epl.
Thus, the players were able to show a good level of football, which was very important in the context of the current championship.
Now, the Arsenal team is the main contender for winning the EFA cup, as it has already won the trophy in the previous season. However the Gunni team will not forget about the Europa cup, and if they manage to win it, then they will be a candidate for getting into top-6.
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Live Results of Premier League Matches
The English Premier league is one of those championships where the results are not always clear, and even the most experienced fans can not always predict the outcome of the match.
Such situation is especially true for the current Champions League matches, where it is not always easy to make predictions.
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Here, you will find not only the results, but also the statistics, as you can see the number of goals, the number and position of the shots, as many other interesting details.
There is also a section for the English championship, which can be accessed via any modern device.
Prospects of the Current Season of the Champions
The season of Champions has already seen a lot, as we have already seen that the main rival of the Gunnar is Manchester City.
City has a good squad, and in the summer it was strengthened significantly.


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