Real Madrid vs Roma 4-2, Juventus vs Manchester United 1-0, Basel vs Barcelona 0-0 line-up before the game – Predictions for Jul 16, 2016

The start of the new season of the Champions League is already in full swing. The first matches of the season were held in the Champions league, and the fans can already see that the competition is not going to stop there.
The new season promises to be interesting, because the main favorites of the tournament are already quite far behind. The main contenders for the victory of the trophy are:
* Real Madrid;
* Juventus;
โ€ข Barcelona;
ยท Liverpool;
โ— Manchester City;
All of these clubs are in the top-4 of the standings, so they can count on a good result from the start of each round.
In the Champions cup, the first matches were held with the participation of the teams from the lower divisions. The fans can see that they have a lot of problems with the teams that are in their own division.
However, the main advantage of the start is that the teams are already at the stage of the group stage. This allows them to improve their positions in the standings. The teams will have to fight for the places in the playoffs, and this will be a real test for them.
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The Champions league draw is held every year, and it is quite interesting to follow its development. This year, the competition has become more intense, because there are only two rounds left. The leaders of the draw are already very far behind, so the fans will have a real treat when the last rounds will be held.
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The draw for the Champions tournament is held on the first of May, and in the first round, the following teams will be joined by the outsiders:
1. Barcelona; 2. PSG; 3. Juventus; 4. Real Madrid.
Barcelona is the leader of the first group, and its rivals are: Liverpool, Manchester City, and Chelsea. The Catalans are in a very difficult group, because they have to play against the outsiders of the competition, and they have already lost to the outsiders in the previous round. The previous year, they lost to Liverpool in the semifinals, and to Juventus in the final.
This time, the team has a very good chance of winning the tournament, because it is in the best position of the whole draw. It is worth highlighting that the previous year the team lost to Barcelona in the second round, and lost to Juventus again in the semifinal.
Juventus is in a similar situation, because in the draw the team is in group B, and is at the bottom of the table. However, it is much more likely that the team will be able to win the tournament.
As for the outsiders, it should be noted that the following clubs are not in the strongest positions of the entire draw:
โ€ข PSG, which is in Group A;
The following clubs have a better position than the outsiders are: Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Juventus.
After the first rounds, the leaders of each group will be replaced by the following outsiders: Barcelona; Liverpool; Manchester City.
Thus, the fans of the club can expect a lot from the team, because its main competitors are already far behind the team in the tournament standings.
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The first rounds of the main draw of the European football championship were held, and we can see a lot that the fans have not seen for a long time. The Champions club competition is a real battle for the title, and there are no losers in the end.
Of course, the favorites of this tournament are the clubs that have won it before, but they are not the only ones. The current season is the third in a row in which the main contenders are Real Madrid and Juventus, and many fans are looking forward to the next season.
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Results of the games of the most popular tournaments of the Old Continent
The Old Continent is a part of the continent of Europe, which has a rich history and a lot interesting events. The most popular competitions of this part of Europe are:
* European Cup;
* UEFA Champions League;
* UEFA Europa League;
* Bundesliga; and Serie A.
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The football season is in full flow, and thousands of fans from all over the world have already started to watch the matches. The season promises not only to be very interesting, but it will also be very important for the teams.


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