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Shelvey the best partner for Allen?

The Celtics have had a great season, and the team is still considered one of the main favorites of the NBA. However, the team has been suffering from injuries for a long time, and it is now the time when the team needs to make a decision.
The team has a number of options, but the most obvious is to let Allen leave the team. However this is not an easy decision for the team, because they need to decide who will replace him.
It is worth noting that the team does not have a good choice, because it is extremely difficult to find a suitable replacement for a player who is considered the leader of the team and is considered one the main stars of the league.
However, the Celtics have a number options, and one of them is to sign a new player. The team needs a new leader, who will not only help the team to win, but also will be able to become a good mentor for the young players.

The most obvious candidate for the new leader is Allen. The Celtics are quite confident that he will not leave the club, because he is already a good candidate for a new contract.
This is not the first time that the Celtics are considering the signing of a new star player. In the last season, the club signed Kevin Love. However it is worth highlighting that the contract of the player was not really successful, because the player left the team in the offseason.
In addition, the new contract of Love was not a good decision, because now the team will have to pay a lot of money to him. However the team still has a good option, because in the next season it is expected that the club will be very active in the signing.
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Who will replace Allen in the starting lineup?
The main star of the Celtics is the leader, and this is why the team can not afford to lose him. In addition, it is also worth highlighting the fact that the player is already quite capable of fulfilling his role in the team for several seasons.
Now the team management is quite confident about the future of the leader. The main thing that is needed now is to find the right partner for the player.
There is a good chance that the new partner will be a good fit for the leader and will not cost the club too much. It is worth mentioning that the previous season the club did not have such a good partner, because of which the team lost a lot.
Also, the previous partner was not the best choice, but now the situation has changed, because there is a new partner who will be an excellent choice for the club.
Recently, the management of the club has been trying to find partners for the star player, but it has not been easy. Now it is much easier to find information about the team on the sports statistics website.
Why the team should sign a good player?
Now it is quite possible that the management will try to sign the player to a long-term contract, because this will allow the club to save a lot in the future. However if the management wants to sign such a player, it will have a lot more chances to succeed.
First of all, the player has to be able not only to help the club win, because already this season the team managed to do this. However he also has to have a positive effect on the team’s results.
For this reason, it’ll be very difficult for the management to find such a partner. However there is still a good opportunity to sign him, because at the moment the club is quite strong, and there is no need to spend a lot on a new member of the starting line-up.
If the management decides to sign this player, then it will be quite possible to save money, because for the next year the club should be able win the championship.
All you need to know about the basketball matches of the season
Now, the basketball season is in full swing, and every day there are a lot new matches. It’d be a waste of time to watch all of them, because you will miss a lot important information.
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At the moment, the season is very interesting, because a lot depends on the results in the final rounds. The first games of the new season have already shown that the main favorite of the championship is the Boston Celtics.
Of course, the main competitors of the Boston team are the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. However in the season that has just ended, the Golden state team managed not to win the champion’ title.
On the other hand, the Cleveland team is quite capable to win it, because its main competitors are the Lakers and the Houston Rockets.
So, the results are not that easy to predict, but this is the best time to learn more about the results. Now you can do it on the basketball statistics website, where the information about matches is updated almost in real-time.


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