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Mourinho: It’s true that I threatened Sir Alex when I was a kid

By Football Italia staff
“I’m not a coward, I’d rather fight than not fight,” says the Portuguese. “I said it before, but I”ll say it again: I“m not the kind of person who would run away from a fight.”
The confrontation with the Italian coach, who has already won the Champions League with Inter, has now become a real test for the Portuguese, who is already aware that he’s not the only one who can take the team to the next level.
‘We’ve got a good squad, but we’ll have to do our best to win the tournament.’
’It’ s true that we”ve got the best coach in the world, but he”s not a real specialist in the art of the fight.
It” s true, too, that we can”t rely on the team” tactics, but the Portuguese knows perfectly well that the team needs to do its best in every match.
The fact is that, despite the fact that the Italian team has already managed to win one trophy, it still has a long way to go to be considered among the best in the Old World.

”I”m not going to say that we won” the Champions Cup, “but we“ve got everything to win it.“
„We”re the team that won the Europa League, and we‘ll win the Champions” Cup, too.
In the future, we„ll have a lot of interesting confrontations, because we‟ll see whether we‚ll be able to win all the trophies we‡ re able to claim.
However, the Portuguese is confident that, in the long run, we won’t be at a loss for a fight, because he“s confident that the players will always be ready to give their all.
We“ll see if they” re able not only to win, but also to do it in style.
They”d be the real masters of the European arena, and the team will be able not to miss a single match.

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The Italian Serie A is one of the most intense championships in the whole world. It”S the most popular football tournament in the entire world.
This season, the main contender for the title is Juventus, which has already scored a lot and is now in a good shape.
Juventus is a team that, at the start of the season, was in the middle of the standings, but now it” S looks very confident.
For the first time in a long time, the team has a good bench, which is a great help to the coach.
Also, the players are now much more motivated, which will help them to achieve their goals.
At the moment, the most important thing for the Bianconeri is the fact they“re playing at the top of the table.
If we look at the Serie A table, we can see that Juventus is in the first position, which means that the club has a great chance to win gold medals.
Moreover, the club is also in the top-4, which once again proves that the Bianco Neri is one step closer to the Champions league.
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The team has the following advantages:
1. Great squad.
2. Great experience of the coach, which he‚s able to use in the most effective way.
3. Great teamwork.
4. Good results.
Now, the Biancons are in the best shape of the team, and this is thanks to the following factors:
* Excellent selection of players.
* Great teamwork, which the team is able to count on.
Thanks to this, the coach can always find the right tactic to achieve his goals. It“ s true: the team can play with a lot more intensity.
But the coach knows perfectly that this is the best way to win.
He” ll always have the right players in the lineup, which are ready to do their best.
That”’S why the team doesn” t have any problems in the matches against weaker opponents.
There are a lot stronger teams in the Italian championship, but Juventus is the team of the Old Continent, and it“S the best. It won“t be easy for the team not to win every match, but it’”ll be possible thanks to all the above-mentioned factors.
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The Serie A season is in full swing, and there” s no doubt that we will see a lot interesting confrontationalism.
Among the most interesting confrontities, we should mention the fight for the champion title.
Here, the fight is especially tense, because the teams are fighting for the right to enter the Champions club tournament.
As for the fight against the outsiders, the struggle for the places in the Europa league is also very intense.


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