Manchester City most likely to win the title this season

Manchester City is one of the most popular teams in the Premier League, and it has already won the title three times. The Citizens are the main contenders for the title and can win it again. The main goal of the team is to win gold medals in the Champions League.
The Citizens are also the main favorites of the English Premier League. They have won the trophy three times already, and they will try to repeat this success in the near future.
However, the team has not been the best in the last season, and this is the main reason why it will not be able to repeat its success this time.

The main goal for the team this season is to finish in the top 4, and the main competitors of the Citizens are:
* Liverpool;
* Arsenal;
* Chelsea.
This is the reason why the Citizens have a good chance of winning the title.
Main reasons for the loss of points
The team has lost points in the following competitions:
1. FA Cup. The team did not win the trophy, which is a big disappointment for the fans.
2. League Cup.
3. UEFA Champions League matches.
4. Europa League matches were not played.
5. League 1 matches. The first team in the championship of England lost to Chelsea by 4 goals.
6. League 2 matches. Tottenham Hotspur was defeated by the Citizens by 1 goal.
7. League 3 matches. Brighton and Hove Albion lost by 4 points to the Citizens.
8. League 4 matches. Sheffield United lost by 1 point to the team.
9. League 5 matches. Not enough points were given to the club for the victory.
10. League 6 matches. Burnley lost by 2 points.
11. League 7 matches. Wigan lost by 3 points.
12. League 8 matches. Watford lost by 5 points. The club was defeated in the first round of the Champions league by Liverpool.
13. League 9 matches. Norwich lost by 7 points. Brighton lost by 6 points. Sheffield won by 1.
14. League 10 matches. Southend lost by 0 points. Walsall lost by 10 points. Bournemouth lost by 8 points. Norwich won by 4.
15. League 11 matches. Blackburn lost by 9 points. Middlesbrough lost by 11 points. West Ham lost by 13 points. Leeds lost by 12 points. Charlton lost by 15 points. Cardiff lost by 20 points. Ipswich lost by 22 points. Blackburn won by 24 points. Everton lost by 30 points. Tottenham lost by 32 points. Crystal Palace lost by 34 points. Leicester lost by 36 points. Chelsea lost by 38 points. Arsenal lost by 40 points. Manchester United lost the most by the number of points. It was lost by the team by 42 points. This is the worst result of the club in the history of the Premier league.
It is obvious that the team will not win gold cups this season.
Will Manchester City win the Champions?
The City has a good squad, and many players have already won trophies.
Among the main players of the City are:
* Sergio Aguero;
* Kevin De Bruyne;
“City” has a strong bench, which allows the team to play in the best league in the world.
In the last seasons, the Citizens were the main rivals of the main teams in Europe, and in the current season they are the best of all the teams.
Manchester is a great city, and there is a lot to do there. The fans have the best football in the country, and even if the team does not win all the trophies, they will be able win a lot of them.
If the Citizens do not win any of the trophies this season, it will be because of the following reasons:
· “lack of motivation”;
· “incompetence” of the coaching staff;
“disastrous transfers”.
These are the reasons for which the team can not win at all.
Who will win the EPL this season?
In general, the English football is a very tough league. The teams have to fight for the gold medals, and a lot depends on the result of each match.
There are many factors that can influence the result, and some of them are: the level of the teams; the level and quality of the players; the schedule of the matches; the opponent.
Every match is important, and if the teams do not play well, then the result is not the best.
All the EFL Cup matches were won by the teams that played at the highest level. This season, the teams are not as strong as they were in the previous season, but they still have a chance to win.
One of the favorites of this season are: Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United, Tottenham, Chelsea, and Manchester City.
Liverpool is the best team in England, and its main competitors are: Manchester United and Tottenham. The Reds have a great squad, which can play at the best level.
Arsenal is also a good team, and Tottenham is a team that can compete with it. The Spurs have a strong lineup, and their main competitors in the Epl are: Chelsea and Manchester United.


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