Arsenal want a new striker – be it Morata or Aubameyang

Manchester City is not the only club in the Premier League that has a problem with scoring goals. Arsenal has also been struggling for a long time, and the Gunners are in a similar situation.
It is easy to see that the Gunner’s problems are not only with the number of goals scored, but also with the quality of the shots.
In the last season, Arsenal had a lot of problems with the ball in the box, and it is possible that the team does not have the right to shoot from distance.
The Gunners have a good goalkeeper, but he has not been able to prevent the ball from getting to the feet of the attackers.
However, the team has a good squad, and Morata and Aubamexho are able to solve the problem.

It’ll be very interesting to watch the matches of the Gun club, because the club has a lot to do to get into the Champions League zone, and this is very important for the team.
All the latest news about the Premier league
It has already been announced that the English Premier league will have a new champion. The new champion will be decided by the fans, and not by the clubs.
This time, the new champion of the Premier is Manchester City. The team is the current champion, and they have a chance to get to the Champions league zone.
After the victory in the championship, the City is ready to fight for the title of the best team in the world.
New Champions League places
The new champion is Manchester United, but the club is not in the Champions zone yet. The club has been fighting for a place in the zone for a few seasons, and now it has a chance.
If the club wins the Champions Cup, it will be able to enter the Champions club. The Champions club will have the following advantages:
1. The best players in the club.
2. Great infrastructure.
3. The opportunity to play in the most prestigious club tournament in the Old Continent.
United is the club that is in the strongest position in the English championship, but they have not yet entered the Champions’ club. It is very likely that the club will enter the club tournament by the end of the season.
Manchester United has a very good lineup, and many of them have already been playing in the top-4 of the English league.
You can always follow the news about Manchester United on the sports statistics website. Here, you will find the latest information about the team, its players, and their achievements.
Arsenal’sthe problem with Aubamey
The problem with the Gun Aubamegy is not only in scoring goals, but in the quality as well. The Frenchman is not able to impose himself on the game, and he often misses the target.
Aubamey is a good player, but his game is not good enough for the Premier club. If the club wants to get a place at the top, it needs to solve this problem. It’d be very difficult to get the place in a top-6 club, so it will need to solve it in the next season. The Gun Aubmegy is a very talented player, and his skills can be used in many ways.
For example, he can be a good substitute for Morata, or he can become the main striker of the team and score a lot.
At the moment, Arsenal is not at the best position in England, but it is not going to stay there forever. The problem with Morata is that he is not playing well, and Aubmey is not a good replacement for him.
Do not forget that Arsenal is a great team, and if it has problems with scoring, it is very difficult for the club to get out of the zone. The main thing is to get Aubameyg to score goals, because he is the main player of the club and has a high potential.
English football news on fscores
The English football season has come to an end, and a lot has been said about the fight for gold medals. The fight for a ticket to the European Cup is also very interesting, and there are many chances for the Gun clubs to get there.
There are many interesting matches to watch, and each match has its own advantages and disadvantages.
One of the most interesting matches of this season was the match between Manchester City and Chelsea. The teams played for the first time in the EPL, and in the game the teams played, the Citizens won 2:0.
City was very confident in the match, and managed to get many goals in a row. The Citizens were the best in the league for a very long time.
Chelsea was not as confident as the Citizens, and missed a lot in the field. The Chelsea players were not able play well in the first half of the match. However, in the second half, the Blues started to play better and managed not to lose the ball.
Now, the game is over, and Chelsea has the best result in the history of the EFL Cup.
Fscores predictions for the final
In this season, the fight between the teams for the gold medals is very interesting. The final of the tournament will be held on May 7, and both teams have a lot at stake.


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